Knowledge is Power

Communication is key to understanding most everything in life; the give and take of information is a trusted relationship between client and adviser.  The same can be true about the relationship between employer and employee.  Having access to reliable and balanced information regarding the economy, health insurance, legislation, and market trends is a crucial piece of the communication relationship. 

Below are some links that will direct you to several sources that we at Kish Benefits Consulting use on a daily basis.  You may end up bookmarking a few for quick access at a later date... remember, knowledge is power.

EAP & TeleMed

EAP Video - TeleMed Video 1 - TeleMed Video 2


Kaiser Health News - The Hill - IFA - Insurance News Net


Dept. of Labor EBSA Health ReformHHS Health Reform - IRS Health Reform

Supreme Court of The United States - Library of Congress (legislation tracking)

PA Dept. of Health - PA General Assembly


ACA Exchange Notice - COBRA (2-19) (20+) - FMLA (Form) (Instructions)

Same-Sex Marriage