Health Reform

Our team of PPACA Certified Advisers is prepared to assist your company in comprehending the State and Federal regulations as well as reporting requirements that are associated with the Affordable Care Act.  Understanding the text of this legislation is straightforward... knowing how it impacts your company is not - that is where we excel.

Each company is different, as is each company's requirements in the eyes of the Federal Government.  A one size fits all approach is fantasy.  We will review your current strategy and advise you of changes that are necessary to fulfill compliance standards and to plan ahead for future Health Reform implementation.

Are you aware of:

  • Plan design and affordability requirements
  • Employee notifications
  • Company size thresholds
  • The difference between full time and part time employees
  • Available safe harbors and transition relief
  • Information reporting requirements

Our Involvement:

  • Association Membership and Advocacy
  • Monitoring pending legislation
  • Meeting with our clients respective State Legislators
  • Lobbying our State and Federal Legislature
  • Tracking historical trends and elections
  • Newsletter distribution concerning state and national news