Bringing Meaningful Solutions to Real Problems

We aim to make a positive impression on all we serve by always doing the right thing, as well as doing things right.  We will honor and respect those who place their trust in us while respecting each person for their individuality.  We approach every situation as a team and remain loyal to our purpose.

Our Story

Originally formed in 1991 for the purpose of providing enrollment and field management services to insurers and third party administrators, Benefit Management Group soon discovered many employers required more than just assistance with managing and conducting face-to-face benefit plan enrollment.

Drawing on the prior experience of key team members, Benefit Management Group quickly renewed favorable relationships with major insurers, collectively assembling a fully functional group brokerage unit.  Over time the enrollment unit and the group brokerage unit merged, allowing Benefit Management Group to deliver all major components of employee benefit consulting, group brokerage work, and onsite enrollment services.

The combined enterprises emerged as a fully engaged employee benefit consulting firm with services now including product development, regulatory compliance, wellness planning and cost containment solutions.  Upon passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) additional staff and services were added, making Benefit Management Group a leader in steering employers through the myriad of new rules and regulations.